Care recipient (cr) has a fear of dying

Try: If possible provide a physically safe environment for the cr when he or she is confronted with the fear of dying allow the cr to verbally express his or her fear of dying provide the cr with the emotional freedom to own his or her fears explore the cr cr’s fears for example fear of the unknown spiritual issues unfinished emotional business actively listen to the cr and maintain good eye contact respect the cr cr’s feelings whatever the root of the cr cr’s fear is validate the cr cr’s feelings acknowledge the cr cr’s fear of the unknown make every possible effort to try to put the cr cr’s fears to rest by resolving any unfinished business addressing the cr cr’s spiritual issues and beliefs and so on bring spirituality into the dialog if you are comfortable discussing this subject in order to do this you need to become familiar with the cr cr’s religious beliefs and practices so you can connect on a spiritual level you should be respectful of the cr cr’s spiritual perspective and not impose your own beliefs on him or her assure the cr that life on earth is only temporary and life in heaven is eternal the things seen are temporal and things that are unseen are forever if the cr has run a good race in life make this a point of emphasis in your discussions rather than the physical and emotional issues that come with aging and the end of life assure the cr that he or she will be reunited in heaven with family members and friends who have passed on previously celebrate the cr cr’s life rather than mourn the impending death talk about past accomplishments fond memories the cr cr’s life story values legacy to pass onto others and so on

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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