Adult child worries about parent who still is able to live independently falling or having a health emergency

Try: Create a telephone tree that not only incorporates the parent but others who are still living independently but may just need checked on enlist several close neighbors or friends of the parent – this could also incorporate residents of an apartment complex or independent living facility assign each participant two or three names to check with each day at a specified time if no one answers the first time allow a span of time to elapse possibly 30 minutes or an hour and then make the second call and then a third if there is no answer after the third call notify a friend or neighbor who has been entrusted with a key to check on that person this has a two-fold effect – it not only assures the caller that the senior is ok but also assures the senior that the caller is ok any appointments that would interfere with the calling schedule should be reported to the caller beforehand to eliminate worry the tree will also open up socialization opportunities between the participants

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