The Care recipient (cr) is socially isolated; he or she sits alone and expresses no interest in social interaction

Try: # if the cr has times where he or she feels participatory then the cr can help you develop the list of activities he or she wishes to participate in otherwise start with a list of standard activities and expand on it when you get a better sense of the cr cr’s likes dislikes # ask patient to choose between two activities on the list for example do you want to fold laundry or take a walk with me this forces the cr to pick an activity and not just respond no # immediately engage in chosen activity with the cr # praise the cr for participating in the activity # ask the cr to add activities to the list as he or she becomes more comfortable with the exercise sample activities look at photo album polish file nails style hair read aloud listen to favorite music dust furniture fold laundry make cookies take walk exercise call friend write a card note to someone

Materials: Notebook list of activities the cr is able to engage in list of materials people needed to accomplish these activities

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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