Memory loss and other conditions may lead to trouble selecting food or preparing meals

Try: #outline the care recipient’s cr’s daily eating habits including small snacks and drinks #using large clear printing write the name of each meal or snack and its time on the blank side of an index card if the cr has trouble reading glue photos or pictures of related foods below the words #hole-punch the cards in the upper left hand corner and thread them in order by meal onto the key ring #paper clip the cards together with the next upcoming meal or snack facing up #after each meal or snack remind the cr to flip the current meal or snack card over to the back of the pile and re-clip the pile with the next meal or snack on top #when the cr is confused about meal times or whether a meal has occurred direct the cr to the cards to try to answer the question first if the cr can’t find the answer alone give kind helpful hints

Materials: Marker large index cards photos or pictures of meals and snacks key ring large paper clip interactive caregiver

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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