Care recipient (cr) lives in the past

Try: #work with the cr to put together a photo album of both current events and past events in the cr’s life the photo album can be used for orienting the cr to the present and also for reminiscing about the past #ask the cr sit in a comfortable chair at a table go through the photos with the cr and ask questions as you sort them #ask the cr to tape current event photos in the front of the photo album #ask the cr to write out a description of the photos what was happening when where and who is in the photo #ask the cr to tape past event photos in the back of the photo album and write out a description for those events as well #leave plenty of blank pages in the photo album to add additional photos of both current events and past events #whenever the cr starts getting confused about current and past events use the photo album to help bring the cr back to the present #the photo album can also be used for reminiscing about the cr’s past #set aside time to talk about the cr’s life both past and present

Materials: Table and chair photo album photos of past events in the cr’s life photos of current events in the cr’s life tape pen

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