Care recipient (cr) is experiencing increased isolation due to decreased mental processing ability and speed

Try: Decide the idea you wish to communicate write it down in short sentences avoid transition words such as if but and and use no more than 5 sentences to convey the idea establish contact with the cr by saying his or her name possibly combined with a friendly greeting face the cr directly 3 to 4 feet apart with faces at the same height maintain eye contact as you say the sentences distinctly and slowly enough to allow for slower processing speed if the cr cr’s face shows a lack of comprehension at some point back up one sentence and repeat or paraphrase the sentences from that point on do not speak louder finish by saying the cr cr’s name and asking if he or she agrees with the idea or proposed action the interaction may be extended by asking for an opinion or comment about something that has already been said

Materials: Pencil and paper

Categories: Communicating, So-So Verbal Comm, Poor Verbal Comm, Somewhat Aware

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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