Care recipient (cr) has trouble writing and reading letters after significant vision loss

Try: #insert a blank cassette into the recorder press the record button if a digital recorder is used simply begin speaking #encourage the cr to speak into the recorder clearly saying to a friend or family member the kind of things normally included in a letter or phone call #when the cr is finished speaking press stop #remove the cassette and place it in a padded mailing envelope or box #address the envelope and mail #the cr would probably love to get audio greetings back from adult children grandchildren or other relatives make sure parties on both ends have recorders #for brief greetings or messages buy special cards that allow short messages to be recorded on them they are available at specialty gift shops and card stores

Materials: Tape recorder digital or cassette cassette tapes if necessary padded mailing envelopes or small shipping boxes greeting cards that allow messages to be recorded

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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