The Care recipient (cr) has difficulty remembering where they are or what day and time it is

Try: # keep the space around the cr calm by eliminating as much noise as possible avoiding clutter and having only one or two persons near the cr at a time # simplify daily routines as much as possible # make choices for the cr as often as possible # use a calendar to remind the cr of the day if possible have the cr change the page each day to reinforce what day it is # remind the cr of the time when routine activities are about to happen it is 5 o’clock and we are going to eat dinner now or it is 8 o’clock and you are going to have your bath

Materials: # plain calendar with large squares preferably one that displays one day at a time and lists the day of the week along with the date # clock with large easy to read numbers

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Poor S T Memory

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