Poor short-term memory may lead to poor daily grooming as remembering the sequence of the steps involved becomes difficult

Try: #stay with the Care recipient (cr) for the entire grooming activity brushing teeth bathing styling hair shaving etc #prompt the cr through the steps needed to complete the activity using short simple reminders will you need toothpaste dental floss do you have your razor and shaving cream #if tasks are taking longer and longer and the cr’s stamina is limited find a way for the cr to sit while grooming #if the cr gets confused cue the cr toward the next step for example put toothpaste on the brush or wipe your face with the washcloth #if you notice the cr only gets stuck in one or two spots try taping a written reminder where the cr will see it while working on the task only use short phrases in the reminder #continue to supervise the activity until the cr feels confident and completes the grooming independently #if memory loss is permanent find ways to help when you are needed while allowing the cr to stay as independent as possible even if only in small ways

Materials: Paper marker tape careful observation by caregiver caregiver patience more time for completion of grooming tasks a sturdy safe seat if needed

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