Help Care recipient (cr) manage activities of daily living adls by setting up a simple way to track household chores and personal care tasks

Try: #write a reminder card or note for each activity of daily living with two cards for the activities done twice a day for example there might be one card that says shower and two cards for things like brush teeth brush hair take medication etc #for activities done in the morning draw a sun on the card beneath the reminder for activities done in the evening draw a half or quarter moon below the reminder #in the morning remove all the cards from the tall jar and place them in the open basket with the morning chores on top if necessary the caregiver can put the cards in a helpful order the cr works through the chores and activities and each time one is completed the cr moves the reminder card related to it from the basket to the jar #at the end of the morning only the evening activities’ cards should remain in the basket at the end of the evening no cards should remain in the basket #the cr or the caregiver can move the cards back from the jar to the basket for a new day either at the end of one day or the beginning of the next

Materials: Sticky notes or index cards yellow marker black marker open basket tall jar

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