Caring for a Care recipient (cr) with dementia can be difficult this is especially true when the cr is displaying signs of agitation

Try: First start with a medical evaluation to rule out physical and or medication problems they can be a cause of the agitation discuss possible adverse side effects of current medications with physician if the examination does not give any medical reasons for the behavior try to examine the cr’s daily routine for causes of the agitation plan outings activities when person is rested simplify environment by reducing noise number of people and clutter try to keep the cr removed from stressful situations keep daily routine consistent if a change in routine in necessary determine an appropriate amount of time for the cr to adapt to the change keep furniture and objects in the same place at all times orient the cr to time by using calendars and large numerical clocks as the person may lose a sense of time because of the disease use repetition when the cr is struggling frequent clearly stated reminders are needed to reassure the person with dementia

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