caregiver (cg) needs suggestions on how to make activities more meaningful and rewarding for the Care recipient (cr)

Try: Activities that invoke positive memories joy past accomplishments and a sense of purpose for the Care recipient (cr) will have more meaning keep in mind that the activities that are meaningful to you may not have the same effect on the cr here are some suggestions for making the cr’s activities more meaningful use activities that stimulate the cr’s senses such as listening to music cooking that produces pleasant smells and looking at favorite photographs or movies routine household tasks such as folding laundry caring for a pet gardening housework or meal preparation may also bring back fond memories and make the day more enjoyable for the cr if vacuuming is no longer an option let the cr have a dry swiffer sweeper the cr can sweep until his or her heart’s content and perhaps all day long if it is an enjoyable activity encourage the cr to engage in whatever form of social interaction is available this can provide the cr with something to look forward to and talk about afterwards new memories can be made and new friends and connections can be established make activities simple and adjust the pace for the cr this may keep the cr from getting frustrated activities should also be scheduled at the cr’s preferred time of day intergenerational activities should be considered and scheduled for example the cr could have a tea party or game night with grandchildren don’t be afraid to try new and different activities however be willing to discard them if they cause anxiety frustration or boredom for the cr even if the cr can no longer go to the grocery store planning meals putting together a grocery list and getting out the ingredients for favorite recipes may provide a fun and meaningful activity always have a destination in mind if walking is an activity for example walk to the mailbox and back to the corner and back or around the block the destination will give the cr focus and a sense of accomplishment when the walk is completed ask the cr for help in any activity that you or others are doing this may help draw the cr into the activity and provide a sense of accomplishment purpose and meaning watch the cr to see what activities he or she is drawn to and schedule similar activities for example if the cr gravitates to rooms with music fill other rooms with music as well and include sing-a longs into the activity schedule don’t limit the current activities to the ones that the cr has previously enjoyed and participated in you can always find some activity that is new and exciting for example just because the cr didn’t like to bird watching earlier does not mean that it won’t be interesting now be fully engaged with the cr in whatever activity is scheduled quality time should be a priority keep in mind that some of the mundane things that you consider chores can be fun and meaningful for the cr for example ask the cr to sort socks clean the bathroom and kitchen and so on these types of activities may provide the cr with a sense of routine independence purpose and belonging

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