Care recipient’s cr mind races a lot and he she has trouble organizing his her thoughts to think things through

Try: Try writing the steps down on paper or a large index card here is an example of a cue card for helping cr slow his her mind down and think # slow down pause stop and think # take my time # don’t assume # check things off as i go along # ask questions to make sure i understand # repeat back what i heard # take notes # underline important

Materials: Pen and paper or large index cards

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Information: # double check my work # write down information in my own words # ask myself do i want to be quick or accurate # when i get bored – stretch take a short break walk around # when i get angry – doodle take a break and then come back # decide on a menu # count number of people eating # look at the needed ingredients # look in the pantry for what you have # prepare shopping list and shop # follow recipe instructions and organize time # serve and eat meal # clean up

References: traumatic brain injury a guide for caregivers of service members and veterans – module 2 by the office of the u s surgeon general no date available at www traumaticbraininjuryatoz org

Keywords: Decision making mind races disorganized memory loss forgetful forgets disoriented disorientation memory loss cognition

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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