Care recipient (cr) with mild dementia who moves in with an adult child or to a smaller more manageable home may become confused and feel lost in the new place

Try: #put familiar objects from the old home into the new home in spots that match their previous locations #make signs for all inside doors that include a written and illustrated description of the room beyond the door for example hall closet with a picture of coats or jenna’s room with a picture of jenna make the signs using pictures taken with a camera or clip art from a computer #discourage the cr from entering what might be an unsafe room for the cr by putting up a sign that says stop and has the image of a stop sign on it # if there are young children in the house get them involved by having them make signs out of pages from coloring books that they color or decorate themselves post the signs they make at their eyes’ level so they can be part of orienting the cr

Materials: Computer clip art and printer child’s coloring book with a theme of family or home crayons or colored pencils camera paper markers tape familiar objects from the cr cr’s previous home

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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