Care recipient (cr) is often confused about why a celebration is taking place or why he or she is at a particular gathering

Try: #before you leave for the event remind the cr of where the two of you are going and why #mention the occasion several times as you are traveling to it a gentle reminder such as are you ready for the harpers’ anniversary party can be made or a more direct one such as i’m here to take you to the harpers’ anniversary party do you remember getting the invitation to the party a few weeks ago today is the day we celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary at their daughter’s house #when you arrive remind the cr of the reason for the gathering in a tactful way for example i think this is ted and mary’s fortieth anniversary i know they’ve been looking forward to this party for months #to help the cr stay clear on why a particular gathering is taking place remind him or her by giving cues during the gathering such as i’m glad we could come to jan’s birthday party or are you enjoying spending easter at your daughter’s house

Materials: Verbal reminders and cues patience

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