Care recipient (cr) is easily distracted which leads to social frustration missed appointments and incomplete chores

Try: #stick to a regular routine for important daily activities protect those activities from interruption by encouraging the cr to let friends and family members know what hours he or she would prefer not to get calls and visits for example during hours set aside for exercising personal care or paying bills #help the cr to focus on one activity at a time limit environmental distractions by turning down anything making distracting lights noises or pictures when the cr is on the phone or having face-to-face conversations #help the cr to focus on the content of a conversation by waiting for the cr to finish a thought before you begin speaking although speaking at once and over each other is common when people are intimate it can pose difficulties for crs with hearing or organizational problems this can be especially problematic in groups so you may want to encourage people to be mindful of speaking one at a time #avoid dining in crowded settings socializing where there is loud background noise or holding important conversations with television playing in the background such as in a hospital waiting room or patient room if you can’t switch off the tv ask that the conversation be held in a quieter place #when important

Materials: Quiet space and time small notebook and pen written-down information wall calendar

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Information: Medical financial etc is being given by a professional to the cr ask for written copies of the information such as appointment cards test results summaries of agreements with landlords attorneys etc #keep a notebook and pen handy you or the cr might take notes as needed of phone numbers dates to remember things to follow up on etc keeping the notes in one small notebook will reduce the chance that they will be lost write a check mark next to each note as it is addressed #note all appointments as soon as they are made on a wall calendar consult the calendar first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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