Care recipient (cr) has trouble remembering some specific words including certain frequently-used names of places and things

Try: #encourage the cr to keep a pen and small notebook on hand and to write down the difficult-to-recall words as they are remembered keep a list of these words in the notebook #periodically transfer the list of words to an index card have the card hole-punched and laminated at a copy shop and slip the card or cards onto the key ring keep the key ring in a pocket or purse add more cards to the ring if the list is expanded #tailor the list in the notebook and the cards to the cr’s needs one cr may only need to see a word to recognize it as the one being searched for while another may need to link the word to a picture in that case the cr’s original list may begin by the cr cutting out or drawing a picture of a frequently-difficult-to-name object or person which he or she writes the name of when it is recalled when that name or word is transferred to a card cut and paste a picture that matches the word to the card before getting it laminated #the cr can pull out the cards and refer to them as needed

Materials: Small notebook pens key ring plain metal ring lined index cards hole punch laminator copy shop

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, Poor L T Memory

Information: This is often a useful strategy for crs with learning disabilities or head injuries who struggle with long-term memory retrieval of specific information it may be helpful for a period of time for a cr experiencing permanent memory loss due to dementia but will likely be less useful as memory loss progresses

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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