Care recipient (cr) has a memory deficit but retains fond memories of humor from the past

Try: Fill the basket or box with funny props books movies etc engage the cr by having him or her look in the basket with you have the cr use different items in the box and ask about any instances when he or she used them on others or saw them first watch an old comedy together and laugh try to recite a comedic routine together read some jokes to one another and laugh try to remember the punch lines to knock-knock jokes ask questions about comedians who were popular in the cr cr’s youth ask specific questions and engage his or her memories as much as possible

Materials: Basket or box pictures of comedians popular in the cr cr’s youth note some facts about each person on the back of the card props that amuse the cr joke books audio recordings of comedy routines audiovisual recordings of comedy routines and or funny movies rent or check out from a library

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Social, Somewhat Aware, Good L T Memory, So-So L T Memory, So-So S T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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