Care recipient (cr) has a bad attitude and engages in negative thinking much of the time

Try: Talk to cr and discuss topics that will reveal his or her attitudes and beliefs on various subjects evaluate the discussions that you have with cr and determine if this is new behavior or if cr has been negative his or her whole life if this is a long standing problem it may be very difficult or impossible to change what is embedded in the cr cr’s personality determine if cr wants to change the negative attitude and thinking if cr wants to change encourage him or her to implement the following recommendations do an intentional positive reframe of any negative thoughts that come automatically for you establish several daily check in times for example what can i be thankful for at lunch or dinner time consider joining groups that have positive discussions rather than negative ones this may encourage cr to decrease the amount of negative self-talk separate yourself from individuals who are negative in their talk toxic people may just drag you down to the same mindset of negativity establish relationships with individuals who are positive and optimistic

Materials: Journal and pen

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Communication, Emotional Psychological, Social, Spiritual

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Keywords: Negative negativity poor outlook on life negative perspective pessamist pessamistic

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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