Aphasia is a communication impairment usually acquired as a result of a stroke or other brain injury it affects both the ability to express oneself through speech gesture and writing and to understand the speech gesture and writing of others care recipient’s cr aphasia can affect relationships and communication however for recovery to occur the cr should

Try: To communicate as successfully as possible here are some suggestions to help communicate with a cr with aphasia materials try make sure you have the cr cr’s attention before communicating during conversation minimize or eliminate background noise such as television radio other people as much as possible keep communication simple but adult simplify your own sentence structure and reduce your own rate of speech you don’t need to speak louder than normal but do emphasize key words encourage and use other modes of communication writing drawing yes no responses choices gestures eye contact facial expressions in addition to speech take your time when speaking with the cr avoid speaking for the cr with aphasia except when necessary and ask permission before doing so augment speech with gesture and visual aids whenever possible repeat a statement when necessary encourage them to be as independent as possible avoid being overprotective whenever possible continue normal activities such as dinner with family company going out do not shield people with aphasia from family or friends or ignore them in a group conversation rather try to involve them in family decision-making as much as possible

Materials: Paper white board pencil

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References: Aphasia org

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