We can help reduce the incidence of elder abuse but it’ll take more effort than we’re making now preventing elder abuse means doing three things…

Try: We can help reduce the incidence of elder abuse but it’ll take more effort than we’re making now preventing elder abuse means doing three things listening to seniors and their caregivers intervening when you suspect elder abuse educating others about how to recognize and report elder abuse what you can do as a caregiver if you’re overwhelmed by the demands of caring for an elder do the following request help from friends relatives or local respite care agencies so you can take a break if only for a couple of hours find an adult day care program stay healthy and get medical care for yourself when necessary adopt stress reduction practices seek counseling for depression which can lead to elder abuse find a support group for caregivers of the elderly if you’re having problems with drug or alcohol abuse get help and remember elder abuse helplines offer help for caregivers as well call a helpline if you think there’s a possibility you might cross the line into elder abuse what you can do as a concerned friend or family member watch for warning signs that might indicate elder abuse if you suspect abuse report it take a look at the elder’s medications does the amount in the vial jive with the date of the prescription watch for possible financial abuse ask the elder if you may scan bank accounts and credit card statements for unauthorized transactions call and visit as often as you can help the elder consider you a trusted confidante offer to stay with the elder so the caregiver can have a break , on a regular basis if you can how you can protect yourself as an elder against abuse make sure your financial and legal affairs are in order if they aren’t enlist professional help to get them in order with the assistance of a trusted friend or relative if necessary keep in touch with family and friends and avoid becoming isolated which increases your vulnerability to elder abuse if you are unhappy with the care you’re receiving whether it’s in your own home or in a care facility speak up tell someone you trust and ask that person to report the abuse neglect or substandard care to your state’s elder abuse helpline or long term care ombudsman or make the call yourself information references "elder abuse and neglect warning signs risk factors prevention and help" by laurence robinson tina de benedictis and jeanne segal 2011 available at

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