Long-distance caregiver (cg) has a very limited amount of time to do in person visits with the Care recipient (cr) long-distance caregiving can be successful if the caregiver takes appropriate steps careful planning can help the cg effectively the time when visiting the cr

Try: Here are some tips for making the most out of your visit with the cr find out what the cr needs before visiting the cr talk to him about what tasks you might be able to assist with during your trip does the cr need to go shopping or is there something at the house that needs to be fixed schedule appointments for the cr ask the cr if you can accompany him on a doctor doctor’s appointment during your visit this will give you an opportunity to discuss the cr’s health medications and any other questions you might have consider making appointments with the cr’s lawyer and financial adviser as well look for signs of problems during your visit check to see how well the cr is managing daily tasks is the cr able to drive safely eat regular meals keep up with personal grooming and pay his bills ask the cr cr’s friends and neighbors if they’ve noticed any behavioral changes health problems or safety issues set aside quality time watch a movie with the cr or take him to visit friends or family offer to play a game of cards simple activities can help you and the cr relax and enjoy your time together

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