Caregiver is overwhelmed and needs support

Try: Take care of yourself you will not be of much help to the care recipient if you don’t your caregiving will go much better if you are well rested get regular exercise and eat healthy foods take a break from caregiving it may be good for your peace of mind and help renew your energy and spirits don’t try to fly solo when it comes to caregiving ask for help when you need it take advantage of the resources that you have at your disposal you may be pleasantly suprised at how much help is available call your local hospital they often offer support groups for caregivers use social media to connect with other caregivers for example try creating a group on facebook use twitter to get the word out about the group and find new members don’t be afraid to share your concerns and stresses with a close friend or family member it helps to be able to unload your thoughts to another person

Materials: Computer with internet access local resources

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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