caregiver (cg) who has decided that the cr care recipient needs home health care is having trouble deciding which option is the best

Try: Start with your existing networks to find outside providers sometimes the best referrals come from family friends neighbors or colleagues check with a local church or synagogue that has programs for seniors meals socialization and so on utilize senior adult resources in your local community the local senior service center may be a good source of

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References: For home health care consider full-service agencies and independent providers full-service agencies are generally more expensive than registries and independent providers however agencies also provide prescreened applicants who have already had background checks if an agency caregiver quits or is not working out a replacement can be provided by the agency coverage may also be provided by the agency if a caregiver calls in sick registries and independent providers come at a lower cost but require careful legwork on your part you need to be aware of any tax and social security requirements since you will be considered an employer hiring an employee it’s also good to consider careful background checks and identity verification since there is no independent verification in addition you will be responsible for backup coverage if the independent provider gets sick or is suddenly terminated under any option you should check with doctors and insurance providers to see what is covered this could be a factor in your decision information references adapted from the internet website www helpguide org

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