caregiver (cg) lives quite a distance from the Care recipient (cr) and needs to help out from time to time

Try: When you visit the cr get a copy of the local phone book with yellow pages take the phone book home for easy reference when the cr needs assistance in the future for example if the cr needs car repairs you can refer to the phone book to help the cr locate the local dealership or mechanic this same objective can be accomplished using a computer with an internet connection in fact you may get even better

Materials: Phone book with yellow pages in the cr cr’s area computer with an internet connection and electronic mail

Categories: Caregiver Needs&Support, Communication

Information: Than the phone book for example the cr has moved to a new community and you want to help find a new doctor you can use the internet to find a nearby doctor doctor’s office try to find a doctor who is a good fit for the cr cr’s needs and p

References: You may even be able to find a doctor who works for the same medical group that the cr used previously this will make it easier since medical records ahd health insurance will already be on file many of the internet websites have biographies and or video interviews with the doctors this is the next best thing to meeting the doctor face to face you may get some perspective on the doctor doctor’s personality and bedside manner electronic mail can also provide an efficient and effective way to help out the cr even though you are not there in person for example the cr falls and breaks a hip and is in the hospital you can use electronic mail to provide periodic updates on the cr cr’s situation to relatives and friends this will save alot of phone calls electronic mail can be used to communicate with health care professionals the staff of senior housing communities and so on in the above example of the cr in the hospital with a broken hip you can use electronic mail to make arrangements for admission to a nursing home and relay important information about the cr to the physical therapy department there information references

Keywords: Long distance caregiving

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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