caregiver (cg) gets depressed after visiting the Care recipient (cr) the cr cr’s family members and friends feel the same way

Try: Keep the mood upbeat when you are visiting the cr maintain a friendly and positive tone avoid showing your negative emotions such as anger and irritation this could be upsetting to the cr talk about topics that the cr is interested in such as the family weather sports food and so on the cr may be more engaged in your discussion avoid more abstract or controversial topics such as politics and religion avoid open-ended questions which may be overwhelming to the cr instead ask yes or no questions if you find yourself getting frustrated by cr cr’s repetition of a question calmly redirect the conversation to a different topic you may reach the point during the visit when you are about to blow a gasket and can’t take it anymore when this happens it would be best to end the visit as soon as possible it would be better to leave than have an emotional outburst and say or do something that you will regret later if you are unable to leave right away get away from the cr for a while you calm down after the visit take some time to decompress and get your life back refocus on your own life priorities and leisure activities as soon as possible do not continue to dwell on what you experienced during the visit with the cr it is what it is let go of the many things in care giving that you don’t have any control over you can’t be with the cr 24 7 focus on doing the best you can under the circumstances whenever you can don’t continue to beat yourself over the head about what you can’t do be realistic in deciding what you can do and then do it consider joining a local or internet support group related to cr’s health issue this may help you understand better what cr is dealing with and help you cope better by talking to other people who are in the same situation share the above recommendations with the cr cr’s family and friends who also get depressed after visits they will likely need all of the support and encouragement that you can provide

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors with alzheimer alzheimer’s disease by staff writer no date

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