Busy caregiver needs ways to manage multiple phone calls from well-intentioned friends and family members

Try: #a caregiver may choose to manage phone calls by letting the answering machine pick them up checking for messages at scheduled times just once or twice a day this allows the caregiver to work without frequent phone interruptions #carrying a cell phone and checking caller id before answering it lets a caregiver respond quickly to priority calls related to the cr’s care #if a caregiver is overwhelmed by the number of concerned calls coming in a trustworthy friend or relative can take the role of designated contact person by being the one person the caregiver keeps in touch with about the cr the contact person then shares

Materials: Phone with answering machine or message service cell phone with caller id feature helpful friend or family member to serve as contact person for the Care recipient (cr) in the place of the caregiver

Categories: Caregiver Needs&Support, Mobility, Needs Much Assistance, Independence, Maximum Supervision

Information: With the larger circle of family and friends as needed #using a designated contact person takes pressure off the caregiver to repeat the same information to a number of people this can be helpful for caregivers who feel overwhelmed just meeting their primary goal of caring for the cr however the need of a caregiver to stay connected to people other than the cr and the need for others to feel connected to the cr should also be balanced #the contact person can give regular updates to frequent callers via email group letter or phone calls and may serve as a middle person in matching a caregiver’s need for assistance with a caller’s offer to help however a contact person and a caregiver should speak clearly about what they are agreeing to and should openly discuss changes to an original agreement as situations develop information

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