Wandering can occur in care recipients cr with dementia the following are tips for keeping the cr as safe as possible if wandering does occur

Try: Place night lights throughout the house try locks on doors that are out of sight or reach install slide bolts on either top or bottom of outside door use dead bolt locks models are available that require a key for exit or entrance it is important to think about exiting in an emergency if key locks are being considered try child proof door knob covers that prevent potential wanderer from turning door knob covers are available at toy stores or medical supply stores may be inadvisable for caregivers who have arthritic hands place warning bells above door bells that jingle when door is opened will signal caregiver try monitoring devices available in a wide price range which alert caregivers that exit door has been opened order a ‘toddler monitor’ available through children’s stores and catalogs a small device attached to a person’s clothing will set off a beeper when person goes outside of a 25-50 foot range make house accident proof keep medications toxic substances such as cleaning supplies sharp objects alcohol and matches locked in cupboards or closets put locks on outside gates fenced in back yards allow people to wander safely use a safety gate across doors and at top or bottom of stairs this may help keep the wanderer in a limited area where he she can explore safely consider using a bean bag chair for sitting and resting this may be helpful because they are comfortable yet difficult to get out of by themselves the wanderer may need assistance in sitting down and getting out of the chair provide the wanderer with some type of identification medic-alert bracelet available at many pharmacies identification labels sewn in clothing emergency identification card in wallet purse or pocket have a current picture of person available in case he she becomes lost a videotape of person may also helpful alert neighbors and police that a memory impaired person lives at residence keep a list of important phone numbers e g neighbors police physician and family members use brightly colored outdoor clothing such as jacket coat pants reflectors sewn onto sleeves or pant legs may be helpful to police involved in searching for the person keep walker or cane if used in the same place at all times improve lighting throughout environment especially at night crs need about three times as much light to see properly as younger people

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