Use this list as examples of issues you may face early stage mild can’t find the right words to name things or to complete thoughts…

Try: Use this list as examples of issues you may face early stage mild can’t find the right words to name things or to complete thoughts scrambles sequence of events when relating a story speaks of past events as if they are currently taking place can’t remember what was just said has difficulty following directions short term memory is affected; may repeat questions and stories makes multiple phone calls to a family member to ask about appointments people places etc becomes suspicious and makes paranoid or accusatory statements becomes defensive if corrected or if his "reality" is challenged middle stage moderate confused if you talk fast or use slang or if you use abstract ideas or offer too many thoughts or choices needs more time to respond to others or to join conversation becomes frustrated if more than one person talks at the same time begins to use substitute words or use unorganized sentences is often reduced to yes no responses out of fear of making mistakes "in public" makes inappropriate odd or impolite statements dementia erases lines not crossed in "polite company" repeats questions and stories sings frequently or speaks in rhyme is prone to fabricate forgotten details late stage severe speaks 1 to 6 words a day uses words that make no sense or may just be sounds repeats what’s been said rather than responding responds to nonverbal communication music sound touch and visual stimulation communicates needs nonverbally through behaviors facial expression and sounds information references "guide to living with dementia" by home watch care givers available at www homewatchcaregivers com

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