Tips for living with vascular dementia vascular dementia is a common type of dementia in care recipients cr a diagnosis of dementia can be frightening but it’s important to remember that many people with dementia lead healthy fulfilling lives for years after the diagnosis as much as possible encourage the cr to keep up her physical and emotional health the following are tips for living with vascular dementia

Try: Stay active as much as possible research suggests that even a leisurely 30-minute walk a day may reduce the risk of vascular dementia and help slow its progression it will also boost overall health and happiness create a network of support seeking help and encouragement from friends family health care experts and support groups can improve the cr’s health and attitude eat for heart health heart disease and stroke share many of the same risk factors such as high ldl cholesterol bad cholesterol low hdl cholesterol good cholesterol and high blood pressure adopting a more heart-healthy diet may improve or slow down dementia symptoms enjoy life laughing playing and enjoying yourself are great ways to reduce stress and worry learn how to relax and manage stress stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease so it’s helpful to have a few relaxation techniques and quick stress-reducing strategies note if the cr shows any of the signs for vascular dementia contact a doctor immediately

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