The Care recipient (cr) is reluctant to eat meals it is hard to get the cr to eat

Try: Try to find out what the cr cr’s lifetime habits were at mealtime for example the cr may have listened to the radio during the noon meal and the evening news during the evening meal try to provide an mealtime experience for the cr that is consistent with the lifetime habits for example try ringing a dinner bell if that is something that the cr is accustomed to don’t ask the cr to come to the table until the food is ready and on the table don’t rush the cr through the meal put the dessert on the plate with the rest of the meal cut up food before you bring it to the table talk up the meal while you are preparing it and see if you can trigger the cr cr’s memory of past mealtime experiences take distracting objects off of the table such as salt and pepper shakers toothpick holder and so on don’t criticize spills or messes make sure the food shows up on the plate don’t use plates with a busy design

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