One of the ways the Care recipient (cr) can potentially prevent dementia is through mental exercise those who continue learning new things throughout life and challenging their brains are less likely to develop alzheimer’s disease and dementia so make it a point to stay mentally active activities involving multiple tasks or requiring communication interaction and organization are best for mental stimulation

Try: Learn something new study a foreign language learn sign language practice a musical instrument read the newspaper or a good book or take up a new hobby new activities stimulate the brain differently practice memorization start with something short progressing to something a little more involved have the cr sreate rhymes and patterns to strengthen brain pathways enjoy strategy games puzzles and riddles brain teasers and strategy games provide a great mental workout and build r capacity to form and retain cognitive associations have the cr play a board game or do a cross word practice the 5 w’s observe and report like a crime detective keep a who what where when and why list of daily experiences at the end of the day follow the road less traveled take a new route eat with your non-dominant hand rearrange your computer file system varying habits can be an important brain activity

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