Many caregivers have to help feed the Care recipient (cr) as a part of caregiving one important part of improving the cr’s diet is limiting saturated fats and cutting out trans fats entirely both types of fat raise bad cholesterol levels which can increase the risk for heart attack and stroke however there are many ways to control how saturated fats in food keep these culprits in mind as you cook and make food choices, and learn how to avoid them the following are tips for avoiding saturated and trans fats

Try: Limit solid fat reduce the amount of solid fats like butter margarine or shortening when cooking or serving eat leaner proteins use healthier alternatives change high-fat foods for lower-fat options when cooking use liquid oils like canola olive safflower or sunflower and substitute two egg whites for one whole egg in a recipe read labels closely read food labels before buying or cooking many snacks even those claiming to reduced fat may be made with oils containing trans fats look closely for hidden fats change the cr’s habits the best way to avoid saturated or trans fats is to change your eating habits instead of chips snack on fruit or vegetables cook healthier recipes and eat healthy portions

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