It is important for the Care recipient (cr) to maintain a well balanced diet the following are tips for improving the cr’s overall diet

Try: Avoid skipping meals – skipping meals actually causes metabolism to slow down which leads to feeling sluggish and overeating later in the day start the cr with a good breakfast – select high fiber breads and cereals colorful fruit and protein to fill you with energy for the day look at these unusual foods yogurt with muesli and berries a veggie-packed omelet peanut-butter on whole grain toast with a citrus salad or old-fashioned oatmeal made with dried cherries walnuts and honey lunch -consider whole-grain breads lean protein and fiber try a veggie quesadilla on a whole-wheat tortilla veggie stew with whole-wheat noodles or a quinoa salad with roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese dinner – dinner is traditionally the largest meal of the day have the cr try warm salads of roasted veggies and a side of crusty brown bread and cheese grilled salmon with spicy salsa or whole-wheat pasta with asparagus and shrimp consider healthy options such as baked or grilling instead of deep frying it is ok for the cr to snack – snacking on the right foods is healthy prepare high-fiber snacks to healthfully tide the cr over to next meal choose almonds and raisins instead of chips and fruit instead of sweets other smart snacks include yogurt cottage cheese apples and peanut butter and veggies and hummus

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