How to deal with challenging behavior

Try: Try to assess and evaluate the behavior objectively is is a problem that is causing harm to either the caregiver (cg) or the Care recipient (cr) or just an inconvenience is the behavior easier to live with rather than trying to change the behavior for example the Care recipient (cr) wants to wear the same shirt over and over again a solution could be just to buy several shirts alike rather than try to convince the cr to change does the behavior happen at certain times of the day if so what about those times could be causing confusion or irritation to the cr is the cr tired does the behavior occur in certain areas of the home rather than others if so it could mean that the room is too noisy or too cluttered to provide a calming environment does being around certain people cause the behavioral issues is the cr frustrated because they have too much to do or too little to do does the frustration stem from the fact that they are unable to perform the chores or activities that they used to do

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