caregiver (cg) needs advice for dealing with challenging behaviors of Care recipient (cr)

Try: Challenging behaviors can be triggered or set off by any number of circumstances for example a hearing impaired cr may misunderstand your question or request and give the wrong response if your body language or facial expression shows dissatisfaction because the request was misunderstood the cr may become defensive and angry you should ask the following questions if there is a negative response from the cr was my body language warm and friendly as i made the request or was i in a hurry and short tempered did i make eye contact with the cr before starting to speak was there a response from cr showing that i was being heard did i speak slowly and pause after each sentence was the surrounding environment calm or noisy and distracting did i ask questions that could be answered with a yes or no or did i make the question too complicated did i talk respectfully to the cr and treat him or her like an adult and not like a child can changing my behavior change the cr cr’s behavior assessment of your answers to the above questions may result in less challenging behavior and help you develop interventions for when it does occur

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