caregiver (cg) needs activity ideas for Care recipient (cr)

Try: Make homemade lemonade dust around the house weed the flower bed have a spelling bee fold clothes have a friend visit with a calm pet cut pictures out of greeting cards or magazines wash or polish silverware bake homemade bread sort objects by shape or color sing old songs tell me more when cr talks about a memory put silverware away make a valentine collage take a ride take a walk reminisce about 1st day of school

Materials: Lemons and squeezer pitcher feather duster dusting cloth word list greeting cards magazines with pictures silver polish bread making supplies objects of different shapes and or colors tapes cds of old songs valentine making supplies construction paper scissors glue

Categories: Sage, Topic, Behavior Challenging, Caregiver Needs&Support, Cognitive Intellectual, Emotional Psychological, Social

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References: eldercare skill builders 1998 available at

Keywords: Activities bored anxious paces pacing isolation depression mood

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