Care recipient’s cr friends and family suspect that cr has a problem with drugs or is abusing alcohol

Try: Try looking for these symptoms to tell if cr has a problem with drugs or alcohol observe cr physically for example look to see if cr has bloodshot dull looking eyes and dark under eye circles cr may alson look fragile and often is uncoordinated look to see if cr has brittle looking nails cr may also constantly clench his her teeth cr may also wear long sleeved clothing to hide needle marks or scratch marks try to observe discoloration in cr’s teeth as well people who abuse drug and alcohol intake have yellow teeth you may also want to check their breath people who abuse alcohol intake have lingering alcohol breath drug and alcohol abusers also sweat a lot they sweat more than the average male check if cr has sweaty palms and forehead this would indicate that cr is abusing drugs and or alcohol observe cr’s behavior check whether cr has trouble looking directly in your eyes observe whether cr is very fidgety for example look to see if cr cannot sit still for more than five minutes or if cr plays with his her hands or stands up observe cr’s demeanor for example does cr seem depressed cr may also not like talking about his her feelings is cr sulking a lot in a corner cr may also become very sensitive and easily get mad or depressed check for sudden changes in cr’s attitude cr may also act very high strung for example cr may demand that things are done his herr way cr may also have asked for money from his her friends if you notice cr asking for money quite frequently ask cr about it if it is not a serious matter cr will tell you bluntly why he she borrowed money from someone observe the way cr talks for example does cr have slurred speech does cr stutter often observe cr’s health cr may pretend to be sick to avoid going out of the room cr may also have frequent stomach problems check if cr vomits often cr may also eat more than usual check if cr’s diet has changed drastically cr may also frequently complain about headaches because drugs and alcohol dehydrate a person causing migraines if you suspect crhas a drug or alcohol problem try to confront him her it is important to tell him her about the negative outcomes of using drugs and alcohol it is important to persuade cr to seek a support group that focuses on drugs or alcohol abuse issues it may help cr to talk to others who are battling the same addiction medical attention you could also ask cr if he she would like you to go with him her to the first few group meetings so that cr feels less scared

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References: how to spot symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse by linda hightower no date available at www howtodothings com

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