Care recipients cr are susceptible to abuse even at home the following are tips to prevent potential abuse

Try: Lock your doors and windows if someone is at the door see who it is before opening the door ask strangers to give their name and show you i d be very careful whom is let in your home never allow a stranger in your home even if they appear to be in distress or with a young child never agree to have work done on your home without getting at least three written estimates from reputable contractors whose identity and address have been checked never leave mail in your mailbox for the mail carrier to collect make a list of expensive items jewelry etc take a picture of these items and store the details in a safe place when walking to and from a store always be aware of who is around you do not leave a purse or handbag trailing from your arm or shoulder purchase a caller id to determine familiar strange calls

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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