Care recipient (cr) with dementia grabs at caregiver as well as at sleeves jewelry the sides of bedrails etc in ways put caregiver and cr at risk of injury

Try: #keep a soft attractive pillow doll or fabric toy close to the bed or near to where transfers in and out of the wheelchair take place #let the cr know in advance when you need him or her to turn in bed or transfer to a different seat or place so he or she can prepare #after letting the cr know what to expect give him or her the soft object to hold if the cr’s hands are full of one thing they are less likely to reach for another #after you have finished the activity that triggers the cr’s grabbing step back and ask for the object explaining that you want to put it in it’s special place however you may wish to leave it with the cr if it is safe to do so and the cr is attached to it

Materials: Medium-sized soft object pillow stuffed animal small folded blanket

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Emotional Psychological, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, Some Supervision, Cognitive Awareness, Somewhat Aware, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, So-So S T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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