Care recipient (cr) usually has an emotional outburst when caregiver (cg) tries to get him or her dressed and into the car to go to a doctor’s appointment

Try: Rename any activity that causes an outburst for example instead of telling the cr about the doctor’s appointment mention that you have a special activity planned for that day plan on an additional activity either before or after the appointment focus your discussions with the cr on this activity try to determine what triggers the outburst is it getting dressed or getting in the car to go to the doctor if dressing is the issue save a favorite outfit of the cr just for the times when there is a doctor’s appointment if it is the appointment itself make the appointment the beginning of the outing and provide an incentive at the end for example instead of saying let’s get dressed because you have a doctor’s appointment say let’s get the doctor’s appointment out of the way so we can have a leisurely lunch or ice cream etc once you find an adaptable solution to what triggers the outburst jot it down so you can remember to use it in the future

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