Care recipient (cr) seems cranky or upset about something

Try: Look for the positive attributes of the cr especially if the cg knows the cr pretty well if cg knows the cr it will be easy to remember his or her good qualities be aware that many things in society are not easy for the cr for example the cr has to deal with a fast pace of life rudeness or abruptness when seeking goods and services filling out forms that are in small print payment needed for things that they often cannot afford being made to deal with traffic stairs and other obstacles that are suited to younger fitter people but do not lend themselves easily to older persons with disabilities or slower reaction times etc cg should try to put himself in cr’s shoes when cg feels upset with the cr and it should help cg to see a part of why the cr might be angry or irritable try to understand that the cr may be irritable because others may have treated the cr poorly offer assistance with simple tasks that could be troublesome for the cr like filling out small print forms ask if cg can pick up any items from the grocery store ask cr if he is having pain and offer to help reduce the pain realize some medications can cause irritability as a side effect

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References: how to deal with a cranky senior citizen by loryn s flickety and tom viren 2009 available at

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