Care recipient (cr) rummages through things in the house and is always getting into something he she shouldn’t

Try: Try to groove cr into a path a routine that lets him her do what he she wants to do but leaves other things safetly untouched outside ofhis herr path for example create a special nook or corner on the kitchen counter that has cr’s stuff maybe a box of biscuits or snacks keeps crcoming back to rummage there this could keep them away from poking around in other cabinets if cr has a favorite chair in the living room that that’s exclusively his hers try to keep some newspapers magazines or knitting supplies there this gives cr a place to go to when bored rather than wandering to other parts of the house

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References: alz proofing the house an alzheimer alzheimer’s house by web contributor no date available at www lifetips com

Keywords: Rummages gets into things bothers things home safety bored poking around pokes around

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