Care recipient (cr) refuses to take a bath shower

Try: Start by asking in a friendly nonaccusatory way why not that will give you insights into how you can help fear of falling down water too hot or cold make sure the bathing process is comfortable in a warm safety-proofed bathroom that includes a shower chair and grip rails provide as much modesty and privacy as possible it may be time to switch from showers to baths or from baths to sponge-bathing allow cr to remain partially clothed or robed if that that’s more comfortable allow cr as much control over the process as possible; take care not to baby as much as is reasonable let cr choose how to bathe

Materials: Shower chair grip rails

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References: Adapted from www caring com how to handle difficult behaviors by f paula spencer scott no date

Keywords: Bathe shower bathroom personal care challenging behavior

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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