Care recipient (cr) is very rude to caregivers and other individuals

Try: Decide how excusable the behavior is if cr has memory loss or another cognitive issue you can tollerate some of the rude behavior however it may help smooth things over if you explain the reasons for the rude behavior to the individuals who are on the receiving end of it try to set boundaries about what what’s acceptable for example i know you hate being in the wheelchair but i can’t help you unless you’re civil to mr smith try to help cr feel some sense of control over his or her life sometimes rudeness is the result of feeling helpless the cr may be unconsciously retaliating for a loss of control retrain the cr by responding to kind words and acts and ignoring the rude ones

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References: Adapted from www caring com how to handle difficult behaviors by f paula spencer scott no date

Keywords: Rude angry belittles agitated agitation verbal abuse

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