Care recipient (cr) is often argumentative

Try: Do not react to the arguments by arguing back this creates a negative atmosphere and will just cause the arguments to escalate try not to take any of the arguments with the cr personally this will affect your mood and will be reflected back to the cr this will just add to the distress and confusion your reaction should always be reassuring if some type of blame needs to be taken take the blame yourself this will usually diffuse an argumentative cr the arguments could be caused by several factors frustration about the loss of control and inability to take part in the activities enjoyed in the past depression physical challenges the cr is facing the inability to verbalize pain to the caregiver (cg) the inability to cope with all of the life changes that have occurred try to find out what triggers these arguments do they occur at a specific time of day during a specific event or when the cr is around certain people keep a journal as to when these arguments occur and this will help you find the trigger once the cause is identified you can work towards finding a workable solution you may need to try several different interventions before you find one that is effective

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References: Adapted from the helping you care website www helpingyoucare com

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