Care recipient (cr) is injuring him or herself

Try: If the cr is in danger of hurting him or herself around the clock care may be needed discuss this with the cr’s family and healthcare providers providing a number of distractions for the cr when he or she is upset or depressed may be helpful try some of the following keep a fresh batch of the cr’s favorite type of movies books word puzzles or activities handy provide a journal for the cr to write in when he or she is upset encourage the cr to call a trusted friend or family member when he or she is upset or depressed provide soothing music practice relaxation techniques with the cr plant an indoor or outdoor garden together if possible that the cr can tend to at will discuss self-injury with the cr in detail make a plan of action with the cr in the event that the distraction techniques do not work and remind the cr to call 911 in an emergency make sure the cr is clear that planning to injure him or herself is an emergency

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Keywords: Self-injury depression self-harm upset emergency

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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