Care recipient (cr) is constantly collecting hiding and hoarding items

Try: A cr may have survived extreme deprivation due to war disaster or economic hardship and formed behaviors of collecting hiding or hoarding linked to those experiences confusion depression obsessive compulsions untreated conditions and personal preference may also play a role a cr may fear that items that aren’t hidden will be taken by other people this fear may be legitimate if the cr is at the mercy of predatory caregivers or neighbors let the cr hoard if doing so doesn’t pose a threat to the safety of anyone in the environment you may want to limit the chance that valuables will be lost by providing plenty of safe neutral items to collect hide and hoard such as recycled mail magazines old photos handkerchiefs etc watch where the cr hides items and periodically sort through them to remove anything important valuable or likely to attract bugs if you know the cr is unable to recognize specific items you can remove some and place them where they can be found and hidden again don’t leave valuables or irreplaceable items in places where the cr is likely to come across them keys can be kept on hooks jewelry can be placed in lock boxes or armoires disguised behind mirrors and important papers and family photographs can be kept in locking fire- and waterproof storage boxes

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