Care recipient (cr) is arguing with caregiver (cg)

Try: Take a time out to calm down and collect you thoughts think before you speak remain calm and avoid a show of emotions communicate a cooperative attitude rather than a confrontational one agree on a definition of what you are arguing about this is harder to do and more important than it sounds oftentimes two individuals engage in an argument without ever clearly identifying what the disagreement is about you could be arguing over any number of things what exactly is it facts you definitely need to have the facts straight before you can proceed issues and opinions problems that you or the cg are facing decisions that you or the cg need to make or have made involving the cr in your problem solving and decision making process may help prevent arguments from even developing in the first place let the cr communicate his or her side of the argument first be considerate of his or her feelings listen actively show genuine interest in what the cr is saying and do not interrupt after the cr is done communicate you side of the argument to the cr make sure you communicate effectively even if you don’t agree with each other look for common ground focus on what unites you rather than divides you do not insist that it is your way or the highway be willing to compromise accept the fact that it is ok to agree to disagree you can still get along with the cr and have a good relationship despite your differences

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