Care recipient (cr) has history of alcohol use misuse and abuse

Try: Tell the cr that you got him or her a special glass to consume alcoholic beverages keep the special glass filled with a cold non-alcoholic beverage this may help satisfy the cr’s hand-to-mouth habit associated with alcohol addiction this also serves the additional purpose of keeping the cr hydrated try having a happy hour party with non-alcoholic beverages snacks watch a big game on tv listen to music dance and so on invite the cr cr’s friends to the happy hour party this may help satisfy the cr cr’s need for socialization especially if the past alcohol consumption was done with friends at parties or in bars

Materials: Beer mug wine glass cocktail glass or shot glass of the type the cr has used to consume alcohol in the past

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Emotional Psychological, Medical Physical, Social, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware, So-So L T Memory, Poor L T Memory, So-So S T Memory, Poor S T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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